On April 20, 2024, an important meeting was held to validate the Shekinah program and evaluation report.

The participants in the meeting were Shekinah’s partners and friends, as well as the expert consultants who elaborated these documents.

Under the effective integrated “My School, My Home” approach initiated and developed by Shekinah Center, “My School, My Home” contributes to the promotion of quality education in rural areas with the promotion of girls’ schooling (SDG4 & SDG5); nutritional health and well-being (SDG2 & SDG3); accessibility to potable water (SDG6) and economic empowerment (SDG1).

After 13 years of existence, Shekinah Center is no longer operating in terms of project models, but rather program models!

Among the various recommendations made were the need to establish a fund-raising plan to make the Shekinah Center more autonomous, as well as the need to duplicate this “My School, My Home” program model and approach in other locations for greater impact in promoting quality education in rural areas.


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