“When I got married and joined my husband in his family compound with these parents as our custom demands, I discovered that there was not enough cultivable land for all of us. We did not have enough crops and our children could not eat at […]

House construction

“Before joining the savings and loans group, I lived in a small house with a deteriorated roof. Whenever it rained especially during the night, the whole family would wake up to find a place to shelter where there was no rainwater penetration. This situation prevented […]

Solar energy

“I noticed that my children had difficulty doing their homework on a candle. This candle not only did not give enough light, but it was quickly extinguished. I set myself the goal of saving more in my VSLA group to be able to apply for […]


We were trained on nutrition , how to build and maintain a kitchen garden, sexual health and family planning which resulted on the improvement of our family’s life especially on the health of our children because the way we feed them. My husband and I […]


“Having this water fountain here in Mahwane is great progress for people living on the surroundings hills as they didn’t have access to potable water. We no longer have to go to the river to fetch water. Clean water is a rare commodity for most […]


“I see great benefits of this kitchen garden, I can get vegetable to feed my family and I also get other types of seeds to add on to it. I used to hear about the kitchen garden, but I never thought I would have my […]


“The association Twiteho Umukenyezi Yibugenze, initiated by Shekinah Center, has given our families so many benefits. The association has gifted us a goat to help us to care for ourselves and our household. We have already experienced the benefits of owning the goats. We get […]