About Us

Welcome to Shekinah Center

Shekina  school is located in Rusaka commune, in Mwaro Province, Burundi. It is situated at the intersections of roads linking three different provinces (Bujumbural Rural, Muramvya and Mwaro).

Shekinah  school is a school of excellence based on UNESCO standards of an education that: is Child centered, is Individual teaching based and reinforces the relationships between the teacher and pupil. It provides an education that stimulates the child’s whole being.

During the most recent census organized in the villages of Rusaka commune, there was an observation of a serious lack of primary schools: there is only 14 operating primary schools out of the 29 schools to be built, this means one school per village. This lack of enough schools has resulted in a lack of good quality education for children as there can be 70 to 110 students in one classroom, few books per students, etc …. Shekinah School was born to contribute to this need for good quality education.

Shekinah school aims to produce elites of high esteem capable to compete not only within the East African community but also on the international level.

Given that Rusaka community members are barely able to send their children to school due to high poverty rate, shekinah requires a significant need for financing to cover all the expenses: books, uniforms, food, staff salaries, etc… To overcome that challenge, shekinah school runs some income generating projects to cover the cost of managing the school at the same time setting the example of creative mindset development for the community.

Have access to quality education
Participate in the farming project
Have access to health care
Have access to clean water
Distributed for the economic empowerment of families.


“The association Twiteho Umukenyezi Yibugenze, initiated by Shekinah Center, has given our families so many benefits. The association has gifted us a goat to help us to care for ourselves and our household. We have already experienced the benefits of owning the goats. We get manure for our plantations. There is no other association like this one in Mwaro”.


“I see great benefits of this kitchen garden, I can get vegetable to feed my family and I also get other types of seeds to add on to it. I used to hear about the kitchen garden, but I never thought I would have my own. I am very thankful to the association team members that follow up on us and our gardens. This is a good initiative that we would like to see grow and help other grow”.


“Having this water fountain here in Mahwane is great progress for people living on the surroundings hills as they didn’t have access to potable water. We no longer have to go to the river to fetch water. Clean water is a rare commodity for most people, which is why we are grateful that someone has thought of building such a project near us”.


We were trained on nutrition , how to build and maintain a kitchen garden, sexual health and family planning which resulted on the improvement of our family’s life especially on the health of our children because the way we feed them. My husband and I are committed to implementing these lessons in our household and be an example for our community.